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If you want a better life, Do Better!

We can help!

Do Better Wellness Corp. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of under-served populations through education, mentoring, & therapeutic coaching.

“A person will do better if they knew the best ways of living”

– paraphrased from Lailah Gifty Akita

New clients, request a complimentary intake session via email today!

Through our approach of comprehensive wellness, we assist clients in getting their life on the track that is best for them.

We at Do Better Wellness believe that everyone has the right to live authentically, as themselves. We meet our clients where they are, without bias or judgment. We operate on YOUR definition of success & not our own.

Interested in successful, authentic living? Check out our services HERE.

About Our Executive Director


Sara Griffey, M.S. in  Clinical Counseling

Pronouns: she/they

Sara is a non-binary authentic living coach who primarily works with members of the LGBTQ+ & those in non-traditional relationships (i.e. kink, polyamory, etc.). 

They also have professional experience working with homeless youth, individuals struggling with anxiety & trauma, and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Sara is passionate about advocacy and public policy in order to ensure that proper treatment is available for any individual seeking services.

She is also an educator, working to educate providers, businesses, and more on the importance of non-biased care. Sara regularly facilitates trainings and seminars for individuals wanting to learn more about non-traditional relationships.


We offer a wide range of services to our clients. These include, but are not limited to:

Gender/Sexuality Mentoring

Kink & BDSM Coaching

Communication Coaching

Virtual Capability

Meet with us from anywhere!

Our telehealth platform makes it easy for you to obtain services wherever you are in the United States…and beyond.

While our services are limited to residents of the United States, you can meet with us anywhere on the planet with internet connectivity.

Email [email protected] for more information about our virtual platform, or to schedule an appointment.


(Updated 2023)

Coaching Sessions

$60/50-minute session

These are full, 50-minute sessions designed for mid- to long-term goal planning & achievement. These sessions focus on authentic living with the context of the client’s world. 


Now offering mini-sessions!

$40/30-minute focused problem-solving session

These sessions are intensive, solution-focused, and meant to focus on one problem/issue/concern.

Mini-sessions are available to book 72 hours (minimum) in advance. This allows time for you to complete the necessary paperwork & for us to review it.

Tell us how we can DO BETTER!

Contact Us

(918) 928-2809

[email protected]


Your contribution helps us build and support our programs. We appreciate every donation we receive. Tax letters will be sent out prior to January 31st annually. 

Give the gift of authentic living this holiday season! $60 is the average cost of authentic living coaching at Do Better Wellness. With every donation this holiday season, we are able to provide services free of charge to our vulnerable populations.